Telstra Bigpond

Modem packaging

Elements ... what was required?

Online packaging, retail packaging for main range and product extensions.

Background ... what was the issue?

Customers of BigPond who purchased their internet products in-store received a fully packaged item. For customers who purchased their internet product online they received an overnight courier bag with a miscellany of papersand a generic box with the modem and cables packed inside.


Brief ... what needed to be done?

Create a customer experience that matchedthe in-store purchase and also reduce the number of calls to the customer helpline because customers had set the modems up incorrectly.

The packaging needed to guide the consumer through the installation process. It also needed to be adaptable for different products that meant differing content and be instructional, so the customer would set up to modem correctly. 


Creative response ... what did I do?

The pack was designed so the consumer progress their way through the packaging in the order it needs to be installed. The install DVD and instruction are unavoidably first in the pack. A simple set of interlocking pockets then hold all the cables and other accessories below.


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