FLAT is a revolutionary system for self levelling furniture. It uses fluids to push rubber feet down to the ground depending on the pressure appliedto the legs on a piece of furniture.

FLAT is a system that levels furniture. No matter the surface, furniture fitted with the FLAT system will not wobble.

To promote their system when presentingto furniture manufacturers they required a memorable leave behind that portrayedthe essence of their product. It would given to prospective clients after their first meeting with FLAT.

Creative response
The idea was to depict the benefit of having FLAT installed in your furniture. Firstly, the brochure is the size of a beer coaster. The clear ball sits within a die cut in the front cover of a hard cover book made from coaster material. Whilst on the cover of the book it remains perfectly stable. Once removed the ball is unpredictable and difficult to keep still. Therefore to keep the glass ball under control you need the engineered stability of FLAT to create your stable foundation.

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