Brand identity

Elements ... what was required?

Brand identity, stationery, patent application and website (not yet released).


Background ... what was the issue?

A brand new enterprise, Griffin Green Energy was developing an innovative way to generate hydrogen without consuming large quantities of fossil fuels. The company is an initiative started by a small group of ideas generators including myself.


Brief ... what needed to be done?

New enterprise Griffin Green Energy required a brand identity. The name comes from the mythical hybrid animal the Griffin, which is half lion, half eagle to reflect the hybrid process used to generate hydrogen. The brief was to create a brand with strong identification with the name, but to also represent the idea of renewal.


Creative response ... what did I do?

The Griffin is an obvious choice to capture a strong visual link to the name. The circle represents the process of change, and process. The four elements represent the four stages in the process of converting sea water to liquid hydrogen.




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