Brand refresh

Elements ... what was required?

Brand identity, venue signage, website and stationery.

Background ... what was the issue?

Intelligen Technology Solutions is a boutique IT solutions company. They provide cost effective IT services solutions for business. They were looking to evolve their brand identity. Nothing has changed in the business. It is time for the business to evolve into something more contemporary. 


Brief  ... what needed to be done?

Originally called Sapient Technology Solutions, Intelligen Technology Solutions had been in around for six years. They had developed a logo when they started and had a strong rationale to keep the sapient man. They also wanted to keep him juggling the balls as it was a strong metaphor for their ability to juggle multiple tasks.


Creative response ... what did I do?

Despite the name change the sapient man was to be kept, and refined. The idea behind his ability to juggle multiple tasks was re-imagined to include the idea that the tasks are linked. The size of the balls being juggled were changed to represent tasks of different magnitude, they were also connected to represent issues in IT often being connected. Finally, one of the balls being juggled was taken from the tittle on the ‘i’ in Intelligen, and the colour changed to red. This was to represent the curve ball or the problem that comes from left field. 


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