Brand identity

Elements ... what was required?

Brand identity, vehicle signage, venue signage, website and stationery.

Background ... what was the issue?

Like many small businesses Paintline Painters started life with a generic logo. It was applied randomly from piece to piece.

The design was a paint daub in black and yellow. With no guidelines, the logo was applied inconsistently from one piece of communication to the next by a series of different designers and the client. 


Brief ... what needed to be done?

The challenge was to create a colourful identity for a small business that works with colour everyday. The design needed to make them more professional, and be the start point for a visual identity that would build brand recognition for the rapidly growing organisation.


Creative response ... what did I do?

The client had said she would love a rainbow of colour, but didn’t want a rainbow. The idea was  to create a flexible identity to fit with the different types of painting projects the client completed.

The idea of using overlapping colours reflects a painter building colour with multiple layers of paint. The only difference being the layers in the identity build different colours rather than a more solid colour. This also helps paint a picture, pardon the pun, that Paintline always do a complete job. The squares and rigid lines also help build the idea of completing a thorough job. They infer that Paintlines’ painters paint right into the corners.

The logo itself can be extended from any side to extend the design across any given piece of collateral. The colours remain consistent to buildbrand recognition, the fluidity in the design gives the designer and the viewer something more interesting. 


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