Totally Pickled


Elements ... what was required?

Branding and packaging


Background ... what was the issue?

Totally Pickled has evolved from a passionate love of cooking. Sue Clarke  cooked jams and relishes for years, and had shared many jars with friends, as an accompaniment to a dinner party dish, a diversion to a casual pasta dish, or just simply an extra on a cheese platter for nibbles with a glass of wine. After her Professional career ended, she developed Totally Pickled.


Brief ... what needed to be done?

When Totally Pickled first started, the owner Sue would sell her products at farmers markets and car boot sales. The packaging was designed for that audience. As the brand developed Sue started to sell her product in deli’s and upmarket food stores. With a new target audience the existing design was no longer relevant. The packaging needed to be redesigned to bring it in line with the quality of the product, new outlets and target audience. 


Creative response ... what did I do?

The existing design was very much about the homemade and hand crafted nature of the product. The design featured a cooking pot and spoon. Taking the brand forward the cooking pot was deleted and the spoon re-imagined. Taking inspiration from some renowned restaurants that use associated implements in their branding the new design uses three spoons, one slightly pickled.


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